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Extend Your Business Message with Quality Window Wraps

Simple car wraps are more than enough for most business owners to show off their services as they drive around. For some people, a basic wrap isn't going to be enough to show off your full message, though. That's why it makes sense to inve...

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Invest in Car Wraps that Will Last

There aren't many advertising techniques that will represent your business more effectively than quality car wraps will. Unfortunately, many car wraps sold today aren't designed well, and they fail after just a year or two. If you're committed to your busines...

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Achieve a Style that Stands out with Custom Car Wraps

There are plenty of off-the-shelf car wraps that you can purchase today to give your ride a fresh look. Whether you want to add a cool design, a witty saying, or a business message to your ride, you can achieve many of these goals with an a...

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Advertise Your Company Conveniently with Vehicle Wraps

Whether you're starting up a brand-new company or you're looking to gain more exposure for your business, vehicle wraps in Salt Lake City are an excellent tool for increasing the number of people interested in your company. A quality wrap ...

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Why You Should Not Try DIY Car Wraps

At Identity Graphx we have come across a number of clients who came in search for the best vehicle wraps near me after they had attempted a DIY method that failed tremendously. While custom car wraps installation should not be done without a professional, we ...

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Identity Graphx Reveals Ways Branded Vehicles Help Small Businesses

Identity Graphx has worked with several small businesses over the years to ensure that their brands and businesses get the recognition they deserve.

With many small business owners nursing the misconception that vinyl signs ne...

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Identity Graphx Reveals The Major Dos and Don’ts of Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

At Identity Graphx, we have handled several hundreds of projects for businesses and individuals in search of the best window wraps near me company. Based on years of experience, we have come to understand some of the valuabl...

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Identity Graphx reveals the advantages of vehicle wraps

At Identity Graphx, we are one of the top providers of Salt Lake City custom car wraps. Our custom car wraps have been designed to offer our customers the most value while also ensuring quality.

As the top provider of Salt Lake City car wr...

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Identity Graphx Reveals Easy Ways To Care For Your Car Wrap

At Identity Graphx, we offer some of the best solutions for your commercial vehicle wraps near me needs. We take service and customer service to the next level by ensuring that all materials we use are top quality and designed to meet y...

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11 months ago
Outstanding job! Dan went the extra mile on wrapping our company trailer from start to finish. He was competitive on price and understood the importance of a high quality finished job. Dan offered to take more photographs of what we wanted on the wrap when the photos we supplied were not high enough quality. He also provided proof after proof making the smallest changes and suggestions, he definitely wanted to be sure he accomplished what we had in mind and understood that it would be a direct representation of our business. Thanks Dan and crew!
- Dan G
a year ago
Very satisfied with meticulous and flawless work as well as professional service. He truly brought my vision into reality and end product exceeded my expectation. Definitely recommended.
- Katsu Y
a year ago
Dan and his team did a great job on our Transit Van. The price was great and the quality was high. Identity Graphic will do all of our fleet work from here on out. Happy Pipes Plumbing.
- Happy P

Salt Lake City Vehicle Wraps

Are you bored with the current look of your car? Or have you been thinking of giving your car a new touch but you want to opt for something beyond the normal paint job they do every day? Then you should think Salt Lake City vehicle wraps. When you think of vehicle wraps or car wraps, think of covers that are placed over a car, either the whole of it or a particular area, like the top or side. The material mostly used for it is vinyl, which gives it a perfect finishing so that it looks like paint rather than a covering. The vinyl decals can be tweaked to give an appearance that looks glossy, metallic, or even a matte feel. The beauty of it is that it goes over the paint of your car, and can be removed at any time. Car wraps are increasingly becoming more and more popular. There are chances that a car you spot on the road with a glossy look or one with a color gradient achieved that with vinyl decals. But it fits so perfectly that you have no exact way of knowing if it is a vinyl wrap or a paint job. Every day, so many people are looking for car wraps near me for several advantages it has over a regular paint job. Some of the common ones include:

1. To give the car a new look
Just like a paint job, the car wraps give the car a new look. Wrapping your car helps hide scratches and minor rough areas. If your car already has a faded or worn-out look, with the current color already looking old, then car wrapping is a good solution to touch things up.

2.  It allows for creativity
When it comes to car wraps, the only limit is your imagination. You can style the car in whatever design you like. This is because the design is usually printed on vinyl after being designed on a computer. You can go from just choosing a basic color for your car to spicing things up and giving it a camouflage look, combining colors, stripes, cartoon characters, even your face -whichever way you want it. Also, you can opt for a couple of finishing including matte or metal. This is something you cannot always get with your regular paint job. 

3. It can be removed
Perhaps you just had a painting job recently, but you came across a new color that you would fancy. Instead of going through the stress of painting again, you can rock the new color with car wraps. You can simply wrap your car in the new color you want and enjoy it for as long as you want, and when you are done, you can remove it to continue rocking your old color.

4. Use it to preserve the look of your car
Similar to the point above, you may want to preserve what your car looks like for some reason. You can just have it wrapped in vinyl decals and when you feel the time is okay, you can remove it to reveal your car which would be looking the same way it was when you wrapped it. 

5.  It is easy to clean
Wrapping your car with vinyl decals makes it easier to clean and less likely for it to attract stains or dirt. Some vinyl materials come with resistance to some elements like gasoline and other spillages so that you do not have to worry about it staining your car permanently. Car wraps are no doubt a good option with so many advantages. It can be used by almost anybody, with very few limitations. 

Identity Graphx offers the following vinyl wrap services:

  • Custom Car Wraps
  • Commercial Vehicle 
  • Wall Wraps
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Window Wraps
  • Vinyl Signs
  • Vinyl Decals
  • Banners

Some of the popular people who use car wraps include: 

1. Advertisers
When car wraps started in the 90s, they were originally used by those who had something to advertise, and that trend has not changed until today. Because designs are made on the vinyl with a computer, anything can be done on it, including brands, products, logos - virtually anything. This makes it easy for companies to use cars as a medium for advertising because they can easily portray that which they want to advertise on it. 

2. Corporate Companies
A company can choose to incorporate their logo and other key things about their company onto their cars and official vehicles. This can easily be achieved with custom car wraps near me, either partial or full. Besides design, a company might want to maintain a particular color or shade for their vehicles. This can be done with Salt Lake City vehicle wraps. This is particularly best for companies that provide services such as pest extermination or cleaning services because it makes their vehicles easily recognizable.

3. Rental Services
Those who rent their vehicles out either directly or use it to convey people for events can choose to have their cars wrapped for every occasion. This not only preserves the original paint of the car but also personalizes it to the event or the taste of the people who are currently renting it. 

Car wraps are installed by professionals in a workshop who take exact care in doing what they do, and a full installation can take a few days, depending on the type of car. When it comes to cost, car wraps range from cheap to expensive depending on the design type, the type of finish, and also the type of car. Also, a partial installation would cost less than a full one. If managed properly, Salt Lake City vinyl wraps can last up to three years. It is advised that you try to keep them out of the sun as much as possible as this could reduce the life span, and also make the vinyl more difficult to remove. Removal is also done at a workshop and should take only a few hours. 

When thinking of a proper alternative to a paint job, or looking for a way to brand your company vehicles with your logo and to make everything more uniform, or if you are out looking for a temporary new look for your car, then vehicle wraps near me is the best option to consider.

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The best vehicle wrap company in Salt Lake City is Identity Graphx and they serve all of Salt Lake City Utah.

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